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One Day Installation
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Are you tired of looking at your stained and chipped garage floor? Is it bothering you so much that you’ve started to do online research about floor coatings, only to close your browser in despair because most companies only offer epoxy floor coatings that seem to have more disadvantages than advantages? Well, there’s good news for homeowners. Next Level Concrete Coatings offers durable garage floor coatings that vastly outperform typical epoxy options. We use an innovative polyurea/polyaspartic system that is 100 percent UV stable, offers six times the strength of epoxy, and is incredibly easy to keep clean. It’s also customizable and available in a wide variety of colors and finishes, so you’re sure to find a design that reflects your style.

There’s no time like the present to transform your garage with a polished floor coating from Next Level Concrete Coatings. Get started today.

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We Have a Precise Six-Step Process
Here’s How We Install Floor Coatings in One Day
Step 1: Preparation
Step 2: Concrete Reconstruction
Step 3: Apply a Basecoat
Step 4: Hand-Apply Vinyl Chips
Step 5: Remove Excess Chips
Step 6: Apply a Clear Coat
Diamond Grinding

We’ll grind up your concrete floor using our diamond-blade grinder. All dust particles will be minimized since the grinder is hooked up to a vacuum system.

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Concrete Reconstruction
Repairing the Floor

We’ll use a patented concrete mender-filler to smooth out any cracks, pits, and chips. Then, we’ll level the surface with a concrete planer.

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Apply a Basecoat
We Use an Advanced Polyurea Base

Our polyurea basecoat is vastly superior to epoxy basecoats, as it is six times stronger and has much better adhesive properties.

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Hand-Apply Vinyl Chips
Adding Color and Texture

After the basecoat has been applied, we’ll generously spread tiny vinyl color chips by hand to provide a unique color and texture to your floor.

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Remove Excess Chips
Revealing an “Orange Peel” Surface

We’ll scrape away any loose or vertical vinyl chips. This will leave behind an “orange peel” surface that adds extra grip and slip resistance to your floor.

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Apply a Clear Coat
UV-Stable Polyaspartic Base

We’ll carefully apply a clear polyaspartic base that is UV stable (meaning, your floor won’t yellow after exposure to the sun) and so durable that we can confidently back it with a lifetime warranty.

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Premium Floor Coatings, Expertly Installed

Next Level Concrete Coatings Puts Customers First

At Next Level Concrete Coatings, we understand that choosing the right partner for your garage floor project isn’t a decision you’re making lightly. After all, this is an investment for your home and one you want to last for decades. And this is exactly why you should choose us for a premium garage floor coating that will look as good years down the road as it does on the day we installed it. This is because we’re not using an inferior product like epoxy. Our polyurea/polyaspartic floor coatings provide benefits you just won’t find with epoxy. For example, epoxy has a tendency to yellow with time due to exposure to UV rays. Our floor coatings, on the other hand, are 100 percent UV stable and resist yellowing. Our floor coatings are also much more durable and are guaranteed not to chip or peel for life. Perhaps best of all, with their antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, they are incredibly easy to keep clean and won’t easily stain like other kinds of floor coatings.

When you partner with Next Level Concrete Coatings, we’ll begin with a no-obligation, in-home consultation. During this appointment, we will inspect your garage to test the moisture level, examine the concrete’s hardiness, assess the garage’s corners, and more. We’ll also sit down with you to discuss our floor coatings, show samples, and answer all of your questions. We want you to feel confident about our expertise and excited to begin this project with us by the end of the appointment.

If you’re ready to transform your garage floor with our concrete coatings, schedule a consultation with our team today.

“Professional group of guys who show pride in their workmanship. The concrete looks wonderful and the dedication they have shows in the final products' outcome.”

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Lifetime Warranty

One-Day Installation

Experienced Installers

Durable & Low-Maintenance Product

Lifetime Warranty
The Best Warranty in the Industry

We’re proud to stand behind our product with a lifetime warranty. With our competitors only offering one-to-five-year warranties, this is the best guarantee in the industry.

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One-Day Installation
The Most Efficient Service Around

Our concrete coatings can be installed in just one day and are fully cured within 24 hours. Typical epoxy coatings need at least three to five days.

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Experienced Installers
Our Craftspeople Provide Meticulous Service

Our manufacturer-certified professionals always perform at a high standard, complying with the manufacturer specifications and ensuring a job well done.

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Durable & Low-Maintenance Product
Our Concrete Coatings Are the Best of the Best

Our concrete coatings can’t be beat. They offer long-lasting durability and won’t chip or peel for life. They are also easy to maintain because they have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

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“I had them do my floor this spring. It came out great. It really is one of the best upgrades I’ve ever done at my house. No more dirty, wet, stained floor in the garage. I set-up a refrigerator and keg and when friends are over it’s like a nightclub. Ha... if you’ve been thinking about it, do it...You’ll be happy with their results.”

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