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Residential Floor Coatings Pembroke MANot just garage floors, our coatings are perfect for any concrete surface in your home, including:

  • Basements
  • Patios
  • Sidewalks
  • Pool Decks
  • Laundry & Bathrooms
  • Concrete Driveways
  • Garage Floors

Patios, Pools, Driveways, & Sidewalks

Next Level concrete coatings protect your patio from harsh weather, UV rays, and frequent foot traffic, our polyuria system has made us an industry leader in concrete patio coatings. As a trusted choice for residential concrete protection, we offer a comprehensive selection of customizable floor coating products built for lasting durability. Let us help you make the perfect choice to enhance your outdoor space—at an affordable price.

Basements, Baths, Laundries, & Garage Floors

Is your basement as comfortable and useable as you would like it to be? Many homeowners have found that having low-quality flooring in the basement is one of the biggest hindrances to getting the most enjoyment from the basement living area, and a higher price when it comes time to sell. At Next Level, we offer stylish and durable basement floor coating products that are engineered to make a dramatic improvement to the appearance of any basement. But our coatings do more than add visual appeal, they also even out cracked, chipped, and dangerously uneven surfaces while creating an impenetrable barrier against moisture and unwanted pests. Even better, we back up our products and services with highly competitive warranties to guarantee that you’ll get the most out of your basement floor for years to come.

Next Level’s Multi-Layer “Evolution Coating System”

When it comes to a durable and appealing flooring installation, style is just as important as strength—and Next Level Concrete Coating vinyl color chip system offers the best of both. Our system utilizes three distinct layers for top-grade strength and stability. The multi-layer build and customized color schemes make our chip system floors perfect for any high-traffic residential or commercial space. For concrete floors with moisture issues, we add a fourth layer impermeable sealer. The polyurea basecoat has adhesion properties 6-times stronger than traditional concrete epoxy, and the high gloss topcoat dries extremely hard and is abrasion resistant. The result is a highly durable and attractive concrete surface that’s easy to clean, and for years stays as good looking as the day it was installed, and we back that claim with a lifetime warranty.

“Had an epoxy floor professionally put in from another company and failed in five years. Wanted to go with a higher quality material with a warranty. Did not want to deal with this issue again. Was referred to Next Level Concrete Coatings from a contractor. Professional from start to finish. One day install and a lifetime warranty. Overall outstanding!”

Numerous Colors & Designs
Transform Your Floor with Vinyl Chips in a Variety of Colors
Attractive & Durable
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Get an Attractive & Durable Garage Floor

One Day Installation
Installation Steps

“Thank you Marshall and the boys! My wife is happy which makes me happy! You guys rock!”

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